This Area may soon Disappear, if not for Your Help!

If this place looks familiar … Read on
A proposed HydroElectric development will drastically change High Falls on the Grassy River. The scenic beauty of these rapids and waterfall, only 23 km from downtown Timmins, will be lost forever as the river flow is forced into a large pipe to feed the turbine and generator. The falls, as we now know it, will cease to exist. The preliminary work has already started as an environmental screening process is now happening. Public input will be sought probably in early Spring 2008 or 2009 or 2010 or 2011 or 2012 - Who knows ?

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Feb 24, 2008

Pic of the Day

Neat ice buildup near top of falls - falls are just to the right of this shot

Photo by Markus


  1. Hello!
    Such a scenic area should be left untouched by man and machine. Very few places have been left as nature has intended because of human greed. I for one would love to visit such an awsome place such as the Grassy river falls. Everyone should be against hydro development such as this one because its so small in scale and very little to gain from.

    Mr. Pekka Tuohimaa South Porcupine Ont.

  2. Hi Mr. Pekka,

    I agree with your every word

    If you live in Timmins you could easily visit the falls

    Is the little bit of Hydro worth the destruction of the falls ? I think not



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